Friday, January 22, 2010

Taught my first class

Today the Judge was gone on business and he left me to teach the class. This was my first time teaching other college students and I have to say the experience was fun. We talked about the events leading up to the revolutionary war and we also spent about ten minutes before the lecture discussing universal health care and Hugo Chavez's comment pertaining to the United States and Hatti.

The students seemed to grasp the idea of why the colonists were getting more and more upset with the government of Great Britain and also what parallel the colonists angst over taxation without representation and if it has anything to do with the present.

We spent some time talking about the Boston Massacre and about the colonist's anger over the actions of British Government, Governors, Judges and other officials. We also talked about the British perspective regarding the American Colonists.

Overall I had an enjoyable time and hope that I get to lecture again. I liked it.