Monday, August 20, 2012

Guns are Dangerous

So just a question to ponder:

Why do most mass shooting seem to happen in gun free zones?


If guns were as dangerous as some seem to posit then gun ranges should be killing fields.


Just a question

I recently learned that my first duty station will be in the state of California. I sold the firearms I own that California seems to disapprove of. Being active duty military there was a way I could bring them but it was it didn't feel like a good idea.

I have never felt so naked in my life without the ability to protect myself as I see fit. I simply do not understand the logic that progressives have about gun control. It seems like they believe that if we could just get rid of guns that we would all just get along.

I guess progressive history books only go back as far as gunpowder. I'm pretty sure that in these history books humans all sat around fires singing kumbaya, and holding hands until those nasty, dangerous guns were invented.


Rev. Paul said...

Good points, all. A couple of movie theaters here have started inspecting purses & bags, and reportedly prohibiting firearms in their premises.

I absolutely refuse to disarm myself to make some wuss feel better about him- or herself. Just another reason to buy Blu-Ray and stay home.

LUCKY said...

I'm still living in Utah so I carry everywhere. Several of the movie theaters are inspecting purses and bags but somehow they missed the gun I was carrying on my person.

Just seems like they are wasting their time. I also love that on the website where it talks about concealed weapons it specifically mentions that commercial businesses cannot prohibit individuals from carrying firearms. It further states that if businesses choose to do so they are most likely violating civil rights if they do so.

The things that I don't get about California gun laws is that they state since the California State Constitution doesn't guarantee the right to bear arms the state can make whatever laws it wants.

I just find it humorous that in this case progressives seem to forget the universality of the 14th amendment they are so found of.